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GIS Platform Development 

Geospatial technology (GIS) played a primary role in development of the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Trinity Works managed and maintained all data associated with site design and critical infrastructure, ranging from water valves and fire hydrants to regional issues associated with watershed planning and sustainable development. We utilized the GIS as a means for quality assurance and control in dealing with consultant and contractor submittals, which later transformed into a data model for long term operations. This required that Trinity Works not only understand data management, but the geospatial and mapping needs of various disciplines across the project during design, development, construction and programming for the National Jamboree. Sound data management and geospatial model development on the back-end combined with the understanding of Scout, volunteer and program needs over the course of the project, allowed Trinity Works to expand The Summit’s GIS offerings to web and mobile application solutions that were utilized for the 2013 Jamboree.

Photos By: Peter Robins & Gary Hartley

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