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North Carolina Global Transpark

In 1990 Jack Kasarda, a professor at UNC business school wrote a white paper about the coming integration air cargo and logistics. Dr. Kasarda called these new developments “Transparks.” In 1991 through my North Carolina connections Ross Perot briefed the NC Legislature on Alliance, as the first industrial airport in the United States. The State of North Carolina created the NC Global Transpark Authority and the Global Transpark Foundation to build a “Transpark” in Kinston, North Carolina on an existing municipal airport. In 2002 Trinity Works was hired by the Foundation to reposition and repurpose the Transpark as an economic development driver for Eastern North Carolina. Working with the Transpark team, the NCDOT and NC Commerce Department we repositioned the Transpark to compete for the Boeing Dreamliner which ultimately chose Charleton, SC, but that effort put the Transpark on the map and enabled the Transpark to attract Sprit Aerosystems to manufacture products on the site. Trinity Works ran a competitive process to engage Duke, an integrated developer to build the first spec warehouse at the Transpark for the Foundation.  



Size: 1,500 acres

Timeline: 2002-2008

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