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Scott Visitor Center

The Scott Visitor Center is a 23,000 sf building located at the entrance to Gateway Village. The Visitor Center serves as the hub of communications and visitor support for all guest experiences. It features two exhibit spaces, one designed to tell the story of The Summit and direct the visitor experience. The other exhibit communicates the history and values of Scouting through contemporary stories of real Scouts. Visitors are greeted by the Center’s dancing porch, running the length of the building, which provides shade and a place for patch trading and relaxation. Behind the scenes, The Visitor Center hosts the administrative offices for The Summit Staff and serves as the district plant, providing the services to heat and cool the rest of the buildings in Summit Center. The Scott Visitor center will officially open in April of 2014.

Size: 23,000 sf

Timeline: September 2012-April 2014

Photos By: Peter Robins & Gary Hartley

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