Water Works Hard at the Summit

The New River is the engine of West Virginia's tourism industry. Tourism and hospitality employ more people in Fayette County than any other sector of the economy. The health of the River is tied tightly to the economic health of the community. The Summit Bechtel Reserve shares an eight mile boundary with the New River National River. When we began planning the site, Trinity Works placed stewardship at the center of the decision-making process in order to protect the watershed while supporting a city of 50,000 Scouts.

Trinity Works encouraged its team of consultants to focus on creating an integrated system to manage stormwater and wastewater on site. Our goal was to design systems that mimic nature and reduce costs while protecting important natural systems.

Green infrastructure strategies like biofiltration at lakes, swales, constructed wetlands and greywater treatment facilities help to reduce operation costs and conserve resources. Restoration strategies, including reforestation and wetland creation, offer opportunities to teach Scouts about conservation and environmental stewardship, while enhancing the ecological function of the site.

The result is a system that does more than just manage water. It reduces operating costs, creates long term ecological value and new educational opportunities all while protecting the region's economically important watershed. Oh, yeah, it also looks good and makes a nice home for wildlife too.


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