Treehouse wins AIA COTE Award

Sustainability Treehouse at the Summit Bechtel Reserve
The American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment just announced their Top Ten projects of 2014. Trinity Works is thrilled The Sustainability Treehouse we developed for the Summit made their list!

When we began planning The Summit, the traditional Boy Scout virtues of thriftiness, cleanliness and resourcefulness were powerful tools to introduce the organization to sustainable planning and design principles. We knew the BSA would directly benefit from investments in systems that minimized their footprint and operating costs. Yet, it would take more than greywater systems and energy efficiency to transform our teenage audience into change agents for sustainability within their troops, families and schools.

In order to take the Leave No Trace Principles out of the back country and put them into the hands of Scouts, we enlisted an integrated team of designers to deliver an inspirational destination.

1. Capture the imaginations of kids and adults in a setting loaded with action and adventure

2. Create a Treehouse that celebrates its unique site in the Eastern Hardwood Forest of southern Appalachia

3. Meet the Living Building Challenge- the world's most rigorous and straightforward green building standard

No small feat. We had a hunch when we put this team together that the results would be magic . Congratulations to MITHUN, BNIM, Nelson Byrd Woltz, Volume, Tipping Mar and The Integral Group!


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