A Farewell to Mistletoe

Thirty years ago this month, I packed up my loft apartment in Adams Morgan(D.C.), loaded into the U-Haul and drove to Boston. Getting into MIT had been a dream, then a goal, and finally a reality. It changed my stars. It was also the end of the first 30 years that it took me to get there and it opened the door to the last almost 30 years.

August 1 will be the first day in 12 years that Trinity Works has not been housed at 2128 Mistletoe Boulevard in Fort Worth. First a huge thank you to Dwight and Lore Mitchell for allowing us to expand and contract in and out of space as projects have been started and executed. Secondly, a huge thanks to Libby, my wife, partner, general contractor, logistician and fellow traveler and to the four Manning boys who have served as custodial staff, assembled more IKEA furniture and hauled more stuff than could be imagined. Finally, to Anya Cost who has managed the circus, kept the overhead low and never missed a detail.

The space has hosted the business but also launched a PAC which changed a School Board, grew a booster club, helped get a field and field house built, served as an after hours yoga studio, and has been a remarkable place for collaboration that is changing the face of our community.

One of my site selection criteria in 2006 was that the office would be less than a mile from the house. It was great for having kids at Lily B Clayton and Paschal. It always got me in walking shape for Scout adventures to Philmont and for Jamborees, and was part of the therapy for two hip replacements. (I did set a record by turning in a sub 16 minute mile on a walker). The back and forth has also enabled me to watch the neighborhood transition over the last 12 years. I love seeing the young families with kids everywhere and always love to see the activity outside the back door at the park. The Easter Egg hunt is an all-time favorite.

Like everything else in life, what made the space sing were the characters who passed through the doors. We have had some remarkably talented characters who called it home, and some character’s characters that have come to see us. If the walls could only talk, it would be quite a story.

So, as we close the doors and turn out the lights for the last time, to embark on the next adventure for the next 30 or so years, or whatever time we are blessed to have left, let’s close with this:

“Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”

Sir Winston Churchill, 1942

Our new address:

Trinity Works

1201 Evans Ave.

Suite 306

Fort Worth, TX 76104

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