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Summit Action Areas

Each Adventure Area at the Summit Bechtel Reserve incorporates a teaching philosophy that allows every Scout to enhance their proficiency in each activity area, regardless of their initial skill level. Trinity Works assembled a team of experts in the adventure sports business to design, build and test each program venue to ensure safety, sustainability, and fun. Click through images to read about each action area at the Summit. 





Timeline: 2011-July 2013

Photos By: Peter Robins & Gary Hartley

The Bows (Archery): With 116 stations comprised of static, sporting and long distance challenges, The Bows ranks third in the country in archery sports shooting opportunities.

The Trax (BMX): As second in the US in square footage for indoor and outdoor BMX facilities, The Trax, offers over 270,000 square feet of courses including assessment/safety training area, race tracks, and jump tracks.

The Park (Skate): With 104,000 square feet of expertly designed skateboarding facilities, The Park ranks as the second largest outdoor skate facility in the US. The Park offers unparalleled skate experiences with assessment/safety training area, half pipes, and freestyle areas.

The Ropes: Six separate challenge courses, each with their own unique variety of components, put the Summit at first in the country for number and total length of courses at a single facility.

The Canopy: Eight skills stations and 48 canopy tour zip lines make up The Canopy adventure area, which ranks first in the country for total mileage.

High Gear & Low Gear

High Gear & Low Gear

With 36 miles and 50 total trails making up the combined Low and High Gear mountain bike course, the Summit ranks first in the US for purpose-built mountain bike facilities. These trails, jump, pump, and skill courses offer something for every skill level. There are 9 miles of beginner trails, 18 miles of intermediate trails and 9 miles of advanced trails.

The Zip

The Zip

The Zips consist of five parallel lines that launch Scouts and visitors on a 1,200 foot journey northeast from AT&T Stadium into Lonnie C. Poole Gateway Village, and an additional five lines launch Scouts 1,400 feet northwest into Legacy Village. The Summit Center Zip Lines are sure to be the adrenaline rush that will make the heart of every Scout and visitor beat faster.

The Rocks

The Rocks

The Rocks at the Summit is the number one man-made outdoor climbing facility in the US with a total of 271 stations. In addition to the six “Leap of Faith” stations, The Rocks offers traditional climbing, rappelling and bouldering experiences.

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