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Planning and programming a design for the next 100 years


   One of the core principles of moving the BSA Jamboree from Fort A.P. Hill was to reinvent the Jamboree for the next hundred years of Scouting. Trinity Works assembled a world class team of consultants who covered a broad range of large gathering events and venues to work with dedicated BSA volunteers. The consulting team and BSA volunteer team visited the 2010 Jamboree at Fort A.P Hill and then went up to Mount Hope, West Virginia to take lessons learned and apply them to a very different site. There were three big shifts from the way that the Jamboree had been operated at Fort AP Hill.  

   The first was that the logistics model needed to be completely reworked. At the Summit, all of the material that a Scout would need would already be on the site so all the Scouts would have to bring was their clothes for the event. The logistical shift meant that the BSA would have all the gear: tents, cooking equipment, tables, chairs and whatever was needed for camp already in place by the time the Scout got off the bus.  

   The second was programmatic. Trinity Works worked with an adventure branding and marketing Group from WV call Weld to do surveys of what the Scouts wanted to do at the Jamboree. The difference between what Adult Scouters and the Scout customer wanted to do at a Jamboree were dramatically different. The top ten events that the Scouts wanted were all related to extreme sports and program areas that Scouting did not even have at the time like skate boarding, BMX and mountain biking. The site in West Virgnia lent itself to extreme sports and high adventure which was one of the reasons West Virgina was selected. 

   The third biggest shift was how to handle the crowds for activities. Part of the consulting team were from the Theme park world with Disney and Universal Experience. Their job was to look at the types of programmatic venues and to figure out how to increase through put for each venue so that the Scouts could maximize their time during the Jamboree. 

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