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Looking at how rapid prototyping can help reduce cost for 356 shower houses


   At the core of the camping experience for the Scouts was the availability and reliability of restrooms and showers. Lake Flato won a design competition for the Shower houses. Consistent with Lake Flato’s design capabilities the Shower houses were vernacular and extremely practical. There had to be 360 of these buildings built to accommodate the requirements. A local contractor and Scouter, Chandler Swope took it on himself to build a prototype of the Shower House in his shop in Bluefield, WV. Chandler’s team went through every detail down to the number of screws in a partition to take every non-essential element out the prototype. Chandler’s team created reusable forms for all of the concrete work to save time and money in the erection of the buildings. To quote Chandler “I couldn’t give the BSA 20 million dollars, but I could save them 20 million.” Chandler’s prototype was key to getting the major component of vertical development and infrastructure built on time and on budget. 

_DSC5437 Sign and Shower House - night.jpg
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