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How do you repurpose a space for something other than its traditional use?

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  In 2016, SDS 365 under leadership of Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Sun Devil Athletics under Ray Anderson, and lead SDS donor Jack Furst engaged Stephen Tepper and the Department of Architecture (Milagros Zingoni and Will Haywood) to use their annual Interdisciplinary Cluster Competition, from 2016 – 2018, to explore the adaptive reuse of Sun Devil Stadium on a 24/7 365 usage pattern. In 2016 the Cluster competition yielded 25 teams of 3rd year design students across all design disciplines. There were 6 finalists, and the winning entry was “Sun Devil Central.” In 2017 the competition was expanded to include Barrett, The Honors College students, and graduate students. There were 170 participants across 7 team finalists. The winning entry for 2017 was “Welcome to your Stadium.” In 2018, Jack Furst stepped up and donated $50,000 for an expanded competition that brought in students from other colleges at ASU. There were 270 participants across 60 teams and 5 finalists. The winning entry for 2018 was “MOVE.” The intended purpose of the Cluster Competition is to generate ideas from the students as to how best to use their Stadium as a 365 day a year asset.

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Jack Furst Lead Donor

2016 Sun Devil Central

2017 Welcome to Your Stadium

2018 MOVE

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