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Testing a Logistics Model, 

a Live Exercise


   Once the Jamboree logistics transformation plan was adopted, BSA’s Supply group took over putting together the list of all required equipment. In the Spring of 2012, Trinty Works accelerated construction of a sub Camp (2,000 scout capacity) to review all of the equipment selections, signage and Shower houses for the Jamboree. The BSA was able to review all of the elements prior to ordering everything in mass for the Jamboree that was still over 15 months away and order enough equipment to do a full test run in a few months for the Summit Shakedown Cruise that would follow in July of 2012. 

The Shakedown Cruise (Weekend) 

   In order to test all of the logistics, equipment and programmatic offerings, in July of 2022 the Summit opened its doors to 2,000 Scouts from around the country for a  shakedown test of the Summit. Two weeks prior to the Shakedown, West Virgina experienced a derecho (long lived wind storm) which knocked out power to most of the area and as fate would have it opening day began with a torrential down pour on  the temporary construction roads. Fifty busses tested the road network to drop off the Scouts at their sub-camp and three days later the same busses picked them back up to get them home worn out from all of the Summit activities. It was a valuable experience for the Jamboree and Trinity Works team to know what to expect, and more importantly what didn’t go as planned.

   As Mike Tyson used to say “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” We made a number of changes from the weekend that were incorporated into the Jamboree planning and logistics but overall the model was going to work and Scouts loved the range of new high adventure actives.

   Summit Center was designed to be the “day visitor” experience where the day visitor could get a taste of all of the activities that were being held at the Summit during the Jamboree. Visitors would not be allowed to go to the high adventure sites that were spread out around the Summit for youth protection and security reasons. Summit Center had all of the high adventure activities concentrated in one central place. Skate boarding, BMX, Mountain Biking, Climbing Wall, Zip Lines, Canopy tours, archery, air rifles (instead of an active gun range) were all available. During Shakedown Weekend, Trinity Works and our high adventure vendors had constructed all of the prototype event venues to get a sense of how they would operate and how logistics would work, Issue from that weekend were corrected and taken to scale the following summer at the “real” Jamboree with 48,000 Scouts in attendance.

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